School Regulations

  • Pupils cannot be admitted into the school without the transfer certificate of the school last attended.
  • Pupils must attend the school regularly and punctually. The warning bell is rung at 7.30 a.m. When all the students with their respective teachers will assemble for prayer
  • All students should come to school clean and tidy in their school uniform. All are obliged to wear the uniform under penalty of expulsion from the class.
  • When students move along the corridors or verandahs as and when changing classes, they must keep SILENCE and walk in a single or double line.
  • Punctual and regular attendance is insisted upon. Leave for absence may be granted for sufficient cause but an application for leave NAME, CLASS and SECTION must be clearly mentioned.
  • Running, playing or shouting inside the school building and verandahs is never allowed.
  • Verbal requests through servants to allow students to go home before the school gets over will not be complied with.
  • No pupils should leave the school premises during class hours without the knowledge and permission of the Principal.
  • All pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct in an out of the school.
  • Irregular attendance, insubordination to teachers, habitual inattention to school work, obstinacy in words & deed willful and repeated breach of school regulations are sufficient reasons for dismissal of students
  • If a student continues to be absent without a leave note for more than ten working days in succession, his/her name will be struck off the register.
  • Pupils who cause damage of any kind in the class or school premises will have to make good the damage done. Each class will be responsible for looking after the class property.
  • School day: Monday to Saturday.
  • All the students are required to speak English in the school. Students from class V to X will be strictly punished if found not doing so.
  • Pupils must not remain in the classroom during the recess and P.T. Period.
  • Buying of sweets, ice cream etc. from hawkers on the streets outside the school premises is strictly forbidden.
  • Students are not allowed to leave their classrooms without the permission of the teachers concerned.
  • Student’s personal things like tiffins, water bottles, pencil box, craft materials etc. will not sent to the class.
  • Scribbling on the wall, desks and books is strictly forbidden it is as bad habit and highly detrimental to the good tone of the school.
  • All pupils should excel in the practice of good manners and obedience to their teachers and elders.
  • Private tuitions are discouraged. Parents/ guardians should not make private arrangements without the permission of the Principal.
  • Use of jewelry bringing or expensive articles to school is strictly prohibited. The school will not be responsible for any such loss.
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