Procedure for Payment of Fees using SBI COLLECT

  • Go to Google search-type SBI collect - Click State Bank Collect SBI or visit the link:
  • Read the Disclaimer Clause and click on check box and proceed button for making payment.
  • Select appropriate 'Payment Category' from the drop down menu. State of Corporate / Institution
    1. Select State
      Uttar Pradesh
    2. Type of Corporate/Institution
      Select type-- Educational Institution
      -- Click Go --
  • Educational Institutions Name" (Select the school name as below) ST.JOSEPHS CONVENT HIGH SCHOOL
  • Click Submit
  • Select Payment Category
    1. --Select Category-- TERM FEES
    1. Name of Student Name of Father
    2. Class
    3. Section
    4. Admission Number
    5. Fees Amount Remark-(enter the month)
    6. Name of student
    7. Date of Birth
    8. Mob, Number
    9. Enter the text as shown in the image
  • Click on the 'Submit' button. Verify all the details on the next page and click on 'Confirm" 8. The page will display following mode of payments.
    1. Net Banking
      State Bank of India
      Other Banks
    2. Card Payments
      State Bank Debit card
      Other Bank Debit card Credit cards Foreign Cards
      Prepaid cards
    3. Other Payment Modes
  • Choose the desired option above to make the payment and enter the card details. Click Pay option You will get an OTP code and enter it. Click Make Payment option.
  • Whenever money is deducted from your account and SB collect payment shows message that Transaction pending then please check the transaction history next day and you can out it was successful or failed. In case it displays failed, then do the process once again.
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